InspirAIR Commercial - Outdoor Units

InspirAIR Commercial HRVs and ERVs deliver from 500 cfm to 4000 cfm of outdoor air, with optional additional heating coils and internal bypass for economizer operation – and much more!

Choose among three types of fixed plate air-to-air heat recovery modules and a thermal wheel version:
• PW models: Highly efficient enthalpy wheels
• PE models: Aldes’ exclusive Hight Latent Transfer enthalpy core
• PH models: Cost effective polypropylene sensible-only core
• PA models: Robust aluminum sensible-only core

For each recovery type there are four unit sizes, providing a wide range of capacities and efficiencies:
• PW15 / PE15 / PH15 / PA15: 500 to 1500 cfm
• PW20 / PE20 / PH20 / PA20: 800 to 2000 cfm
• PW30 / PE30 / PH30 / PA30: 1000 to 3000 cfm
• PW40 / PE40 / PH40 / PA40: 2000 to 4000 cfm

All models have robust double-wall cabinets with 1-inch (25 mm) insulation, for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Outdoor units come with insulated or non-insulated roof curbs, rain gutters and supply/exhaust hoods with bird screens.

Configure one or several units for your projects using our free HRV/ERV Selector software or contact an authorized Aldes distributor in your area
Total weight : 940.00Kb
Date of last update : 11/01/2019
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