Aldes HRV/ERV Model 280

The Model 280 HRV and ERV is a family of indoor ventilation systems that delivers approximately 280 CFM at 0.20 in. w.g (external static pressure). It can be used in large homes and small businesses.

Model 280 includes the following units:

H280-SRG - Polypropylene HRV core.

E280-SRG - High Latent Transfer ERV core.

All models include pressure-neutral recirculation defrost cycles (-Ri), using a fifth port and a motorized damper to warm the core with air from inside the building.

The Aldes CAD library proposes this product in Autodesk Revit® format along with 3D DXF and 2D DWG formats, compatible with many CAD systems.

The BIM models in our libraries have been designed to meet the important functional and volumetric requirements of BIM projects (LOD350). Links to product sheets are included with these objects. Details for the installation must be taken with the installation manual, which takes priority, available from the Aldes website or provided by the referring commercial representative.

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Date of last update : 06/02/2019
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